Original Teaching of Jesus

"The Way Back to Life in Heaven."

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If the teachings of the Old Testament were complete, Jesus need not have come. But some information had been kept secret since the foundation of the world.

The Bibles we have today were prepared as a system of control, but they contain the seeds of their own undoing. It's time for the religious propaganda to wilt and fade away: look at its "fruit." Each one of us needs to realize that every religion is a creation from the souls of men; the creations of slave religions. For once you know the "truth," you are free!

A dove doesn't fly because it has wings; a dove has wings because it flies. We need to start looking at EVERYTHING we have been GIVEN, differently.

The BIG truth is that we are the fallen angels. We were cast out! It all happened suddenly. Like a flash of lightening we plummeted into the pit of exile. Our essence is not the soul. We were created in the "image" of the Creator - Mind.

Each soul is an archetype of the Morning Star; a personal and intelligent angel: emoting, willing, desiring, thinking, imagining, remembering and exhibiting the external actions that are motivated and colored by these internal acts.

The soul titillates and entices us through the senses and its imagination with images of psychic wonders. The soul has the power to know without reasoning; to remember, without thinking. The soul can use its knowledge and power and WILL to influence, cajole, frighten or otherwise affect our minds. The soul performs tremendous super-efforts in order to beguile us to fall into temptation.

The soul is the tree of the knowledge of god & evil, and we are eating from that tree. "To know good & evil and become like gods?"

No one wants to believe in a soul, really, and above all not in an evil soul. For to admit the existence of an evil soul means a responsibility, and no one wants that responsibility. Soul itself has created a "disinclination" in the people to believe in a soul, let alone an evil soul.

The soul makes every attempt to "hide", to appear to be one and the same with our mind. This curious quality of unity, almost a coagulation, hides the soul from our mind. This is the pretense: it speaks with our mind's thought voice. It uses past experiences and recollections to persuade and convince the mind. This is all done very skillfully using "details" as camouflage.

The soul is intensely cunning, and extremely intelligent, while at other times exhibiting crass stupidity (whatever it takes). The soul is not a mind but an archetype of the morning star, containing all the evil that is within all men and women: "none are good."

The soul possesses diver's forms of intellectualization, evasiveness, elusiveness, justifications, reactions, resistance and the desire to be right at all costs. The soul has many comfortable philosophies to ensure its existence and control.

The soul is the adversary of the mind. The soul is "all false," the source of all evil. Jesus is quite clear, "You belong to your father, the devil. And you are eager to gratify the appetites which are your father's. He, from the beginning, is a murderer (murderer meaning blasphemy and desecration). As far as truth goes, there in no truth in him. When he utters falsehoods (lying by pretense, deception and false claims), he is only doing what is natural to him. He is all false and it was he who gave birth to falsehood. The soul is the originator of all falsehood and blasphemy and you belong to your father, the devil."

We are under soul's control, but each one of us has the ability to break the shackles of the soul and return home. We have been given this knowledge and thus the power over all the strength of the soul because we belong to God.

The dragon is unchained: we must bind the dragon. Controlled by the soul, there is no indication, there is no hint whatsoever of the devil residing within. The soul is personal and it is intelligent. The soul is preternatural in the sense that it is not of this world, but it is in this world.

The soul advances good & evil along in our daily lives, in very normal ways. The soul uses and influences our daily thoughts, actions and customs and, indeed, all the pieces which make up the fabric of our life.

What's at issue is to drive the soul, unwillingly, protestingly, back into the pit of the human animal where no mind ever wants to go.

The phenomena of change continues to occupy men's minds and keep the whole deception going, when we know "there is no new thing under the sun".

We have placed in your hands, whether evilution on this planet continues or not. "You can be like gods knowing good & evil" -or - you can attain freedom and a Life of real love and happiness.

Be not afraid. Each time you receive a revelation of truth, it's like you are being born again into this new Life. Even with all the inner and outer pressures pressing on your mind to give up, you know you must press on, learning as much as you can about your soul from your own personal experiences. If, your will is going to rule over the soul's wiles, and banish it back to the pit below, you are going to have to DO SOMETHING and stop the reading and questions of soul.

There are things you can only understand when they happen to you. It takes an enormous effort of "will" on the part of the mind to overcome the wiles of the soul and silence its voice.

The clash between will and wiless is a struggle for singleness of mind. There is a "feeling" as if it were a contest between two persons. There is a two-way communication that is as real as a conversation between two people using spoken words. It's a battlefield of will vs wiles between the mind and the soul. Painful as it is, the clash must take place. You must provoke the soul! You must lock horns with that evil soul.

The mind suffers in the clash as the soul claws and fights and deceives and even risks killing the physical to avoid becoming controlled. The soul will do anything to remain on the throne. No animal cornered, struggles against its demise like the soul does.

There are dangers, deceptions and traps all along the way to Freedom. The pain is mental, emotional, and even physical. You have to deal with something that's eerie, but not enthralling; with something askew, but not intelligently so; with a quality that is upside down and inside out, but not significantly obvious. All the mordant traits of a nightmare are there in full regalia, but this is no dream and permits no thankful remission. All sense may suddenly seem nonsense. Another flash of memory, another change, another bit of evil. The hurricane contention between mind's will and soul's wiles twists violently through our being, as the conflict seizes us totally.

One cannot know exactly as you sit reading and thinking on this side of the veil. In order to fully comprehend, one needs to live it; superstitions and rationalisms are worthless. One needs to live it and receive the sparks of revelation that can immediately illuminate a reality in us in a millionth of a second as we apprehend the truth. Always remember, results - doing something, is what counts; reading, thinking and asking questions about something does nothing to bring about change.

You must bring your mind under control and challenge the soul to silence first, so then it can be identified. You must take action and expose the soul, make it reveal its deceptions, pull back the veil, and find the big truth.

Inside your mind this realization of an evil soul begins to inflate like a balloon, ever widening and swelling in its intensity, increasing your feeling of helplessness, side by side with the information of this new understanding. You are a product of the Morning Star's archetype, the soul. You see the soul for what it really is, and what it has been up to - evil.

Eventually you have the desire for deliverance and a desperate struggle ensues; thoughts and actions you had once consented too, flood into your mind to temp you again. Increasingly, what has been influencing you and controlling you is being revealed. Any weakness that still exists(holes in the mind's will) and the soul floods the mind with propaganda that can turn one back into the slave of the soul.

We were powerless, without the knowledge of how to return home, so Jesus came down and presented himself as an example to show the way. Jesus presents salvation as attaining victory over an opposing and baleful intelligence belonging to the soul within. It's not about doctrines and dogmas, it's not about ethical and moral rules; his teachings make that clear. It's a step-by-step process, unique to each individual. What you did, do, and will do, has all been encoded into the soul possessing you now.

Every fallen angel in all time, had, has, and will have the capacity for redemption and return home. All in God's good time ... the eyes will open ... and all shall be raised from the dead. Those who fell first shall be last, and those who fell last shall be first. We will all be waiting for your return Morning Star.

"Home. Yes..."

Aren't you homesick?

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